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Coopedia Knowledge Base is a collaborative search engine listing resources (guides, videos, books, and much more) on cooperative entrepreneurship.

What is Coopedia?

It aims to give young entrepreneurs worldwide the support and tools they need to set up cooperative businesses, and to provide learning and introduction to students and actors interested in the cooperative business model. It allows them to find various types of materials, in a variety of languages, based on their topics of interest.

Coopedia Knowledge Base is the first software of its kind specifically built by cooperators, for cooperators, worldwide.

It is a unique opportunity for the cooperative movement worldwide to capitalize on its 5th Principle: providing education, training and information to the public.

The design also fosters cooperation between cooperatives and key actors like universities, training centers, local authorities, and civil society organizations interested in cooperatives


Who are they?

  • Cooperative mentors and experts

What do they do?

  • Reference existing materials on
    cooperative entrepreneurship
  • Peer-review content before making it
    available to all users


Who are they?

  • Entrepreneurs, students or anyone interested in learning more about cooperative businesses and how to start them

What do they do?

  • Search for and find useful materials in a matter of seconds
  • Suggest contributors to index specific resources

A tool for Development

By providing educational tools for young people to create their own work opportunities, and fostering collaboration with organizations outside of the cooperative movement, Coopedia contributes to achieving SDG 4 (Education), SDG 8 (Decent Work), and SDG 17 (Partnerships).

Innovative Technology

The software is based on Startin’blox technology, a free, modular and easy-to-use tool to build decentralized applications. It uses the SOLID, meaning that all resources made available are indexed using the latest stardards of the semantic web, are interoperable and can be shared  with many other applications.

Because it is an open-source technology, Coopedia’s code is free. This creates transparency and enhances the collective power of its federated network.

Coopedia videos

We invite interested organizations to join the Coopedia Knowledge Base federated network!