What is...

Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs?

The Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs (GCE) is a mentoring program for young entrepreneurs who want to start up a cooperative. The program builds on an innovative partnership between cooperative associations and youth organizations, who together support entrepreneurs in their start-up process. The GCE program is inspired by the CoopStarter 2.0 Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by Cooperatives Europe.

How does it work?

A team of mentors from cooperative associations and youth organizations support the entrepreneurs (also known as youth ambassadors) in their respective country to carry out three multiplier events whereby they will mobilize future potential partners and get the tools and skills to kick-off their start-up idea.

Let's Cooperate

Educational event introducing the cooperative model

Multiplier Event



Hackathon to further the innovation and ideas of the start-up and to find solutions for identified challenges

Multiplier Event


Let's start for real

Event to formalize the cooperative by writing bylaws and proceed with the registration

Multiplier Event


Youth Ambassadors can start their business idea!

Meet the GCE people

Wisdom Nyama


Youth Ambassador
Renewable energies

Rose Angeyango



Uganda Cooperative Alliance

Aquila Handayani Abbas


Youth Ambassador


Carolina Mosquera Rivera


Youth Ambassador






Acting Glocally

The GCE builds up a global community of practice through innovative partnerships to keep supporting youth entrepreneurs worldwide. The program is implemented at 3 levels:

Looking ahead – join us for GCE 2.0?

The first cycle of GCE is soon coming to its end and the #coops4dev team is looking ahead for how a GCE 2.0 may look like.

Are you an organization that have skills and knowledge that could benefit young entrepreneurs? Then, you might be the perfect addition to our mentor partnerships!

Do you have the ability to enable more young entrepreneurs to gain access to funding or can you help us to sustain the GCE program? Join us in providing more opportunities for young cooperative entrepreneurs to succeed!

We are looking for new partnerships to grow the support ecosystem for cooperative entrepreneurship and an enabling environment fostering inclusion and brilliant innovations. 

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