Chapter 2:

Are youth key actors in the decision-making process?

Have you ever wondered if young people are really at the forefront of decision-making? Now is the moment to get to know more from different youth representatives that have been involved in the decision-making process for a very long time.

This is not a typical webinar! Come and share your opinion, interact with the panelists, tell us your entrepreneurship story and let the world know what a cooperative means for you. Together, let’s create the YTC community!



YouThink Coop

The YouTHink COOP (YTC🌍) is an ICA-EU Framework Partnership Agreement (#coops4dev🌍) youth focused online activity that aims at offering young entrepreneurs and professionals the opportunity to learn more from their peers and to attend trainings on important topics that can build their professional skills and knowledge.

Two different sessions:

During this session, participants will get to know inspiring and impressive young entrepreneurs and youth initiatives. The panellists will share with the attendees their personal experience on how they started their own project or initiative and what they learned on the process. 2 methodologies would be implemented, depending on the main panellist’ skills and public speaking.

Get to know

Get inspired and be part of the decision-making dialogue

Peer learning
Decision making

During this session, you will be able to know the story behind the different successful youth cooperatives, initiatives and programmes from all over the world.

You will get to learn from the personal experience of young professionals, understanding what their challenges are, their wins, their learning and their advice.

The session will also have a decision-making component. What is that? A 15 minutes segment at the beginning of the session were

How to

Attend hands down training sessions

Strengthening skills

Hands-on training sessions that will complement the knowledge you achieved during the previous Get to know session.

The objective of this session is to make sure you acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, improve your knowledge on different topics,  etc

What do both YTC🌍 sessions have in common?

They will allow you to meet peers from all over the world!

Together, let’s create the YTC community!


Due to the nature of the training, the numbers of participants will be limited.  The participants will be selected on the principle of: First come first served.

Our Commitment

Pay it Forward Mechanism

All YTC sessions will be free of charge for all the selected participants.

We are really happy to provide you with capacity building sessions that will improve your knowledge and skills on different topics. However, through the YTC sessions, we would like to start a pay forward mechanism which is entirely on voluntary bases.

What is the pay forward mechanism? It is a commitment from our side to provide you with quality training sessions, and from the side of the participants to help and support their local cooperatives through different methods. How can you support your local cooperatives and be part of the pay forward mechanism?

  • Make a financial donation to a local cooperative
  • Become a volunteer to help a cooperative and/or a cooperative project of your interest
  • Become a mentor and offer your skills and knowledge to co-operators that may need it
  • Any other way that you would like to support

We would really like to give visibility to those actions. Share with us what you did for you local cooperative by filling the form bellow (through for instance videos, pictures, and/or a short text) and we will share it on social media to spread the dynamic and inspire others!



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